How to rearrange artist name

I have a Karaoke Library with 20,000 songs that I'm cleaning up.
Examples of the way the majority of the songs are formatted:

Jackson, Alan - Don't Rock the Jukebox 
Down, 3 Doors - Be like that

I need to clean up the rest of the songs to the same format.

 How can I write a script that will change: Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man  to the same format.  In this example it would be changed to: Band, Allman Brothers - Ramblin' Man.

:huh: I need to take last string of characters in the Artist category and make it first followed by a comma. Sometimes there are Numbers in the title.


How to swap first and last name is in the regular expression FAQ:

Regular Expressions

But it's not quite as simple as that.

Very few people would use the sorting method that you use for music groups. Nobody would expect to find 'Allman Brothers Band' under 'B'. Also, beware that the regular expression shown in the FAQ doesn't work properly for artists with two words in their last name ('Townes Van Zandt' becomes 'Zandt, Townes Van' instead of the more accepted 'Van Zandt, Townes').

Here's a good writeup on how the sort order for names is generally done:

I completely agree. Moving part of a name only makes sense if it is some kind of article (definite or indefinite) and it is not quite clear whether you want it or not, e.g. The Beatles vs. Beatles, "A Flock of Seagulls" vs. "Flock of Seagulls". But renaming bands like "No Doubt" to "Doubt, No", "Emerson, Lake & Palmer" to "Palmer, Emerson, Lake &" or "10 CC" to "CC, 10" causes chaos.

Also, it is not quite clear whether the OP refers to tags or only the filename.

I feel compelled to chime in here and state in perhaps so strong as to be rude terms that I'm sure others here are thinking but too polite to use:

IMO It's absolutely insane and idiotic to rearrange group/band names as you're proposing.

I use most of the "sorting" fields


and certainly do "Lastname, First" for individuals, and "Beatles, The" but that's it.

I also use these to select/create a "canonical" name for when a person has changed their performing name over time and use that field to consistently group in databases and filesystems while still being able to use their release-time alias in the main tags.

But IMO that canonical name should be the most common/famous one as it would be listed in a record store or music catalog, not some bizarre idiosyncratic string that only I would know to use - might as well use MD5 hash keys or something if you're trying to hide your files :sunglasses:

Thanks to all posters on this issue! I've come to the same conclusions on my own same as your posts. The only reason I had considered what I did was that 75% of the library was listed last name first. But then with groups like " No Doubt", it seemed odd to list them as "Doubt. No".
Clint Black will be "Clint Black" not Black, Clint. I've figured out that it's actually easier to program MP3 tag to take the songs that are last name first followed by a coma and correct them to: first name followed by last name. I have around 14,000 songs to correct but it should go quickly.
Thanks again! dj.farrell :rolleyes: