How to remove leading numbers

So yes, I've hit a dead-end, has to be simple but it evades me
trying to make a simple action and I know I've done it before but lost it.

Simply remove leading track numbers from the title column
01 - Some random Band - some random tune
so I'm trying to make 2 different actions actually, the one to remove the leading numbers and then remove the band thusly leaving only the title.
been using this as a reference

see e.g. here:

and as this is the same target that you have linked, you would have to tell us what you tried, what you expected and what the actual result was.
Otherwise, you get a copy of that HowTo.

okay, the funny thing is that I exactly had done as in the "How To" but it hadn't worked but when I use (today) the action that I had made following the guide, this time it worked, go figure, maybe the computer had bugged out but I'll be honest an point out at the most probable explanation, human error, i.e. me :slight_smile:

On another note, is it possible to remove both the track number and the artist from the title column in one action? and thusly only leaving the title of the actual song, understanding they are entered as in the following example, thank you.

01 - Some random Band - Some random Song Title

Define an action of the type "Guess Values".
Source: %title%
Format String: %dummy% - %dummy% - %title%

Thank You that worked flawlessly, much appreciated o7

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