How to remove numeric at beginning of title?

i have title like this>

i want to get it like this>

how to remove the numeric with the title? the numeric is sticky with the title there is no space between the numeric and the words that follow. replace action-^\s*[0-9]+\s* does not give the result. replace action \d removes all the letters and gives me the numeric!
help plz.

thanks guys
i got the idea from another post.tried replace action with
^\d+ and got the result. good luck for the developers of this prog

a search string like
^[0-9][0-9] searches for exactly 2 digits at the beginning of the filed.

test it by using it as a filter first.
then enter nothing "" as replace string

thanks for the suggestion ohrenkino

a search string. how can make a search? i could not understand the term search string?

but i assume that when we have a number of filenames out of which some start with numerals,,, then if we can first search for those filenames with numerals,,,, use a search wit ^[0-9][0-9] am i right ?
then how can i have a search option?

now it comes ever closer to RTFM.
Create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression".
In the course of this creation you will recognize the term "search string" and so on.

Read the help about actions and how to carry them out.

a slightly more general aproach to chop track nos from the beginning of a title would be:

^\d{0,3}[- \._ ]*

which means:
remove 0 to 3 digits from the beginning, as well as any dashes, dots, underscores and blanks that may follow the digits (specifying 0 to 3 instead of 1 to 3 digits makes leading dashes, dots etc disappear even when there are no leading digits)

HTH, andreas