How to remove track number from filename

i had few mp3 files which are in the format "Track 001 songname.mp3 and so on" i want to remove the Track 001 from it and remain the rest filename as it is. I had tried the method given in FAQ section but it is not working, please help me to remove this.

Method tried------------------
Remove/trim leading track numbers

Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Regular expression: ^\s*\d+\s*-\s*
Replace matches with:

This regular expression removes the track number from "01 - Anything.." so that only "Anything..." remains.
"^" matches the beginning of the string. Then any numbers of whitespaces "\s*" followed by numbers from 0-9.
The \s*-\s* part removes the hyphen and any whitespace characters around it.

See the FAQs:

Search String: Track \d+\s
Replace string:
(leave empty)

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In case you still have mp3 files, then find something useful for your individual case there ...


Not working sir, it is not removing either numbers or track and not doing any operation

maybe this will help:

Choose Tag -> Filename from the Toolbar and choose either
%artist% - %title% (This renames your files to Artist - Title)
%title% (This renames your files to just Title).

This works only with files properly tagged within Artist and Title fields of the file, else results may not be very satisfying!

Then show us exactly which action you chose and the corresponding parameters including the real filename.

This method i already know, but i want to modify filename only and not copy title name or anything else in filename, but thankx for rplying.

I am going to Actions and then replacing your given command with empty string , in filename field.

Then you did not look at the FAQs: that clearly states that you have to use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression."

Also: the filename

that you supplied does not match the screendump.
There you have a filename like
Track 001. songname.mp3

So it would be:
Search String: Track \d+.\s
Replace string:
(leave empty)
Our answers can only be as good as your input is.

Can your answer be understood in this way, that the filename is not composed of data from the tag fields?


Looking at your screenshot, if what you want is a filename like this:
Baarish - DJMaza.Life.mp3

You can try

Action Format Value

Format String: %Dummy. %%title%

You can cut away 10 characters at the left edge of the filename.
$cutLeft('Track 001 songname',10) ==> 'songname'

Apply ...
Convert: Tag - Tag
... or ...
Action "Format value"
Format string: $cutLeft(%_filename%,10)