how to remove track number from the title

in my titles it always includes my track numbers. ie 01 xxxxxxxx. i would like to eliminate the track number

I'm trying to find something in the help, and came across this for you

thanks sweep, i am not really familiar with exactly how to use this, can you think of a simple example, thanks again, frosty

Hi frosty,
sorry, the example is completely laid down in the link sweep send you.
So why not become more familiar and try it with just a single file so that any errors do not hurt so much?
I bet, it will grow on you.

Clue: Menu options Convert -> Actions then go from there

try the following and be happy.
open the file in mp4tag. select it. then click on quick action button seen at the top(the large letter A). there are two such A there. you click on the first one which is quick actions. from the dropdown actions list you select replace with regular expressions. you get something in which you just type these>type title in the field name. in the regular expression type this>

then leave the next one replace with........
click ok. and see the wonder.

if you go through the FAQ section you can learn so many things. i do learn. i got all these things from this forum only. if you have specific problems, the admins here will defenitely help you.
have a nice day

I am happy, wow that worked well, thanks a bunch, GB Cary

I was curious how this worked so I could adapt it to work for me. Thought it would be useful to post this site, can paste the expression in here for a detailed explanation of what it does. Also gives a cheat sheet for formulating your own regular expressions.