How to rename folder based on Album tag

I figured out how to change the name of the folder my albums are in but would like to add an action that moves then to a NAS as well. IS this possible and if so would this be the _Directory action?

So I want to change the folder name using the Album tab and then move them to a NAS into genre\Artist\Album folders

\\NAS\Network-Audio\Blues\Lightening Hopkins\Smokin\1 - Track

You cannot "rename" across drive boundaries.
You would have to copy them.
Or you would have to copy them to the NAS and rename them there (to me it looks as though you have a different folder structure on the NAS).

Hmm ... the DOS MOVE command can move files over drive boundaries.
I assume, when Mp3tag formats the pseudo tag-field _DIRECTORY, it will do a move operation, not a copy operation.

So it should work even from a Disk to a Share, for example ...
MOVE T:\TEMP\test.txt \\PC-2\SharedDocs
... but I cannot check this out to be sure yet.


Just tried it and it works!

The other Action I would like to create is to fill the Album Artist Tag with whatever is in the Artist tag.
Any idea how to do this?

Have a look at the FAQs: