How to rename Source Folder

How to rename a "Source Folder" with TAG values?

Could you ask in English, please?
Create an action of the type "Replace"
Search string: Pasta de Origem
Replace string:
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Não sei se fiz correto mas tentei; obrigado.

see e.g. the FAQs on how to create folder structures with tag data.

If you only want to rename the current folder, try an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format string:
(enter the new name here - you may use field variables)

Hello Ohrenkino
Thank you for your attention and response / solution,
I even managed to find this out after posting here,
but although it works well it is bad because I was unable to save the routine; I have to type every time,
I hope for a definitive solution to the native lack of this very important function.

Another important function is the help that tells you how to save actions.

This action is carried out in the "TAG> tAG" field and is saved by default when inserted, but this field does not register the variable "_DIRECTORY", it only recognizes "DIRECTORY" without the anderline and it does not work.

Tag>Tag is one of the Converter functions. Even though it is the equivalent to an action of the type "Format value", it looks like the Converter is not the best way for you to achieve your goal.
So, create an action group and add the action "Format value" for _DIRECTORY to the action group.
You will find this definition in the menu "Action" or in the list that opens with function "Actions" in the toolbar.

Hello ohrenkino, a big hug!
Now it's "10"
I already understood that there is a possibility to program what I want, just find the right function.
Just one more thing:
Is it possible to combine two or more functions in a single action?
Thankful for your patience and attention.

Yes, you can put several actions into an action group (and you can even edit an existing action group if you want to modify in it, add one or remove one or change the order).
Actions in action groups are executed from top to bottom (mainly), so the order may be important.
You can put any action type into an action group.