How to replace or rename a tag field


is there a fairly simple way of replacing all ALBUM ARTIST tags to ALBUMARTIST? without changing any data already associated with the former format?

I'm trying to get my FLAC files up to standard tag settings and AFAIK ALBUMARTIST without the space is the correct format.

Thanks for any help!


To make this correction universally, for a large number of files, I'd make an action group that creates the ALBUMARTIST tag and then deletes the unwanted ALBUM ARTIST tag all at once.

  1. Create a new action group, with any name you want (like Album Artist -> AlbumArtist)
  2. The first action creates the new AlbumArtist tag, filled with the data from the Album Artist tag.
Action: Format Value Field: AlbumArtist Format string: %album artist%
3. The second action removes the Album Artist tag.
Action: Remove fields Fields to remove: Album Artist
Now, simply select all the files you want and run this action on them.

Thanks! that worked great. I appreciate the help :smiley:

Unfortunately it does not work for me. Mp3Tag is stubborn to write ALBUM ARTIST in VorbisComments, even if I tell it to use the %albumartist% field. Mapping ALBUMARTIST as Source and ALBUMARTIST or ALBUM ARTIST as Target leaves no field filled. The same happens if I use the above advice (with no custom mapping active). Before it used to be so only with mp3's, now it happens with FLACs as well.

How do I make mp3tag to simply write ALBUMARTIST as it should? I use v. 2.49