How to set default desired values in tag field

i have to tag many mp3 files every day, and every time i need to type every detail like artist name, album artist and like that other fields. so i want to know is it possible to set default value for that every tag fields? if so it will save my lots of time.
thank you.

see e.g. here:

And then I wonder how often it will occur that an album has the same name or an artist - which is far easier to be solved with loading files that you already have by that artist and then use those as template.

In my collection I find hardly any artists that have more than 100 titles. And those that have are mostly dead so it is unlikely that that number will increase considerably which may make it worthwhile having a default value.

The general approach in MP3tag: create actions of the type "Format value" for the field and the value.

Well I nearly never have to type in tag-fields myself because I make use of the various web-sources for MP3Tag. Maybe this is because I mainly tag albums and not single tracks.

thans ohernkino.
but its only work for one time only, if i close mp3tag program and again if i open to tag some other mp3 file for to tag, that 'format value' will gone. i want to solution like if once i set value for any field like 'artist' 'album artist' 'comment' it will be stay same also for next time if i use mp3tag.
thank you.

Now you have to tell me how you apply a format value action.
Because: If you create an action like it is described in the FAQs

then the action stays until you delete it from the file system.

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thanks a lot ohrenkino...
my problem is solved by your sincere reply. you saved my lots of time.
thank you again.

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