how to space a filename

Hello everyone,
I am new here and would like to ask on how to do this. I have several file name is this fashion:
how to I change it to this:
Name Name Name.mp3


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The files you want to rename, do they all have capitalized words concatenated?

If so, it is possible to create a regular expression in order to create spaces between capitalized letters. If not, it's not possible i assume.

Can you please post several examples of those files?

Yes, they all have the Cap letter as seperation.
I want:
Since You Been Gone.mp3

also, I found a bunch more of my files with the same format but with the singer name in front is there anyway to remove that name as well?
I want:
Hit Me With Your Best Shot.mp3

there is no space anywhere in the file name.

Thank you!
Nice software btw, I did many other things with it.

Please see the corresponding FAQ.

got it. thanks

I can't belive i spent so many hours figuring this regular expression unsucessfully and afterall it was already posted as an example.

And ironically i was almost there...

Damn it...

Instead of writing this:

In Regular expression enter: (\l)(\u)
Replace matches with: $1 $2

I did this in about 100 different ways:

In Regular expression enter: (\u)(\u)
Replace matches with: $1 $2

I feel like to kick myself... :angry: