How to strip ITUNNORM Soundcheck values from multiple tracks?

Hi. I have a large music collection which I manage in iTunes but play via a Sonos device. Last week I mistakenly switched sound check on in iTunes & it went through the whole library 'normalising' the sound.

The results are bad - music quality is much worse on the Sonos which reads the ITUNNORM values from the id3 tags. Even if I switch off soundcheck in iTunes the values remain in the tags & Sonos sees them.

Is there a way that I can strip all of the ITUNNORM values using a batch job / script to effectively undo what I did by switching soundcheck on - either using mp3Tag or any other means.

All advice very gratefully received.



Maybe this informations can help you:

(This is only true, if iTunes has not physically changed your songs).

itunes doesn't change the audio itself, only adds the tag.

Load up all your files in mp3tag. Select all of them, right click, choose "extended tags", then you'll see the iTunNorm tag. Highlight it, click the red X to the right, and this will remove that tag from your files. You may need to click SAVE when done.

and if you ever want iTunNorm tags again, you can add them again with Itunes.

This was driving me crazy, but I finally figured it out. The actual "name" of the field is COMMENT ITUNNORM (yes, two words, with a space, all CAPS)

Right-click on the Tag Panel and choose "Customize"
Choose "Add a new field" (the yellow star)
In the dialog box enter
Field: COMMENT ITUNNORM (All Upper Case)
Name: iTunes Normalization (or whatever you wish)
Default Value: (*)
Size of field: [your choice]

At this point, you will now be able to "see" the individual values per track. What I do is I have a batch "clean-up" action, which I added a new task to: Replace COMMENT ITUNNORM with (I don't think you need to "see" it for it to be effective, but I like to visually verify that it has been removed)

Potentially related are 3 other fields that have similar data:

  • replaygain_album_gain
  • replaygain_track_gain
  • replaygain_track_peak

Those fields can also be modified or stripped using the same technique as above, but they DO NOT need the COMMENT part first, enter them as noted, with the underscores

Good Luck!

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