How to swap tag fields

Hi...i've read thru the forums and have not quite found the answer i can understand.

I am trying to figure out how to simply copy a single field's info and move it over to another field.

Specifically the info from the "Comments" field copied over to the "Initial Key" field.

And i would like to be able to to this with all files in a specific folder at once (if possible) there are about 2300 files used for dj'ing.

Could someone plz explain this to me in simple terms, as i don;t really understand alot of the technical posts i've seen here regarding regex, and replace...etc

Thanks! any help is appreciated!

If you want to swap fields, then have a look at the FAQs:
If you want to copy the contents of one field into the other, have a look at the FAQs

And if you have tried it, and still can't do it, then you can probably ask detailed questions to solve the problems you have then.