How to tag audio files based on folder name


I'm a new to mp3tag, so please forgive me if I ask naive questions. I am a very happy user of Mp3tag on my mp3 and mp4. I seem to be able to edit tags for my files by right clicking and using the details tab. every thing goes fine but must of my audio files are not properly tagged so i wanted to change album tag of audio files to folder name.

e.g=c:\jaga\taylor swift\you belong with me.mp3
what i want is replacing %album% tag of mp3 files with Taylor Swift(folder name)

so please help me out


Look in the FAQ:

You would enter

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Hey Dano,

What type of action are you suggesting?
I'm sorta doing the same thing as Jaga but I'm modifying the composer field.

Action type:Format value
FIELD: Composer
FILE: C:\MUSIC\Touhou Music Collection[3S Cubic][3SCD-0002] 地平線のむこう側へ\3S Cubic - Border of Life.mp3

For composer I want to use the information that's one folder(?) up, in this case it would be [3S Cubic]

Jaga want's to use the folder that the MP3 is in, in my case it looks like I want to use the one that is up one more directory. If i use the mentioned action type plus your suggestion (%album/%dummy%) for format string, it looks like it is pulling the information from the album field and adding a \ next to it.

Florian's section for "How to import parts of the folder structure into the tag?" doesn't quite make sense to me. Florian gives an example of a path and shows a quell txt below it of what it I think would be in "tags". I think I'm misunderstanding something or totally looking at the at a wrong perspective. I'm new at this as well. I would like this to work in my entire collection as well so all the information I want to import into the composer section will be a directory up and not the directory that the MP3 is in.

Are you guys using a different action type?


My suggestion doesn't include any action... It's for "Convert > Filename - tag"

For your problem try:

Action type: Format value
Format string: %_parent_directory%

Oh interesting.
I saw that in the informaiton field section and misinterpret that as using the folder the mp3 was in. What do I add if i wanted to go up another directory? Maybe a better question would be, what kind of "language" is used for setting up complex strings? I was trying to do a search in the forms on how to tie together a bunch of strings but no luck yet. Is there a good place you can point to where I can just sit down and read up on how to tie together complex strings to do thing?