How to transfer metadata to the mp3 file title?

Hi. I have all my MP3 files tagged by MP3tag on my pc, and no trouble whatsoever. But I copied all my files over to a microSD card to my android phone. The music app that I use to play them is called 'Cross DJ'. It works fine, but it does not read the metadata: rating, year, genre etc. I had the amazing idea of getting MP3tag to rename the MP3 files on my android with selected metadata in the title. But I don't know how to script for that: in fact I know nothing about making my own scripts up. If that is even the right expression. I can't access MP3tag when I have my android connected to my pc when I click on the context menu, so I guess I would have to do the conversion first on the PC, and then transfer the files over. Any help greatly appreciated.
Thanx for reading


see the FAQs on how to rename files: