How to upload an album..


Ok, this program is very well but I have one album, which isn't on freedb and I'd like to upload it, is this feature supported by this program?
In others, like CDex, you can go to CDDB menu and select "submit to remote cddb" and that's all. If i can do it, please tell me how cos I can't find it on freedb button.
Thanks and goodbye fellas :stuck_out_tongue:

An freedb übermitteln

I don't think it is supported, but don't quote me on that. :unsure:


Submitting to freedb is only possible with the original audio-cd, because all other data like cd copies or rips might give a slightly different freedb-id.

That's why submitting to freedb is not supported by Mp3tag. Please use ExactAudioCopy or CDEx for that - but only if you have the original audio cd.

~ Florian

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