How to use Filter field to rename/correct words in ID3 tags?

I'm noticing a lot of my mp3's have spelling mistakes or need corrections - sometimes in the ARTIST field and sometimes in TITLE field - sometimes in both! Most of the times it is grammar/punctuation I need to replace and other occasions it is inserting a letter or removing a letter so I need help figuring out the scenarios.


eg a CD single where it has 8 tracks all with the same title (but different remix name) eg "i m so excited" and I want to change all the "I m" to "I'm" - how could I do that?


Say a word is mispelt eg "Houuse" and I want to replace it to "House" or if a word is "girl" and I want to make it "girls" I presume that the easiest way is to just replace the word for another rather than messing around further when it's not needed.

So how can I use the Filter field at the bottom to do this? Thanks!

Last things first:
You use the filter field to narrow down a long list of files to a smaller one that all comply with a certain criterion.
E.g. you could filter all the tracks where (this is a filter expression):
title HAS "I m"
You can use the filter e.g. to check whether you found the right pattern for a search/replace action.

For any kind of string manipulation in the tags there are so called actions (Press Alt-5 to open the basic window for that).
For you probably the actions of the type "Replace", "Replace with regular expression" and "Format field" are best.
To see a selection press the new button in the actions dialog.
Then read the help to get an idea what you can do.
if you have any further questions come back to this forum.

I just want to know 2 things:

  1. Can the FILTER field be used to replace a word in the ID3 tag eg. TITLE or ARTIST.

  2. If yes, how to do it? (give me an example)

I know about actions. Infact I've written several rules to help me change the formatting of tags and filenames eg capitalise the first letter of each word, lowercase the entire filename etc

Now while you say that actions are probably best for me, I have to disagree and the reason is because with actions - especially the stuff I have written, it is to change things that are constantly required to be fixed, such as capitalising the first letter in each word in the ID3 tag - this is something that often appears and needs to be fixed.

The changes I want to do via the FILTER option at the bottom is stuff that just needs to change on a random basis. It would be silly to be creating an ACTION for each and every spelling/grammar mistake I come across, because firstly I may never use that action again and secondly by the time I create it, I could have just manually corrected the error in the tag itself!

Right now I use a 3rd party program to correct spelling/grammar in the ID3 field and then after fixing those, I import the tracks into MP3Tag to then use several of my actions to sort out other things. What I feel however is that MP3Tag has this function already (I presume via the FILTER options) - it's just that I don't know how to use it.

In the FILTER field when I click Functions and replace (I presume that is the best option to fix spelling/grammar?) I get the following added: $replace(string,from,to) - But how do i use that? That's what I want to know.

In general a filter is a mechanism, device or procedure that acts to separate or isolate specific items from a set of items.

The Mp3tag filter dialog acts the same way, it can help you to modify or define the view to the file list as you like it or as you need it.

The Mp3tag filter dialog cannot change data.

To change track data so use the edit dialogs in panel view or edit cell content directly in list view or use the converter dialogs or use the action dialogs to automate repeated tasks.