How to use the the replace function within tags?

Hi, I'm looking for the option to replace/change certain words into album tags only. Due to a general script I changed all words into the first letter on Caps only. But sometimes I added into the albumfield an extra (TX2HD) for instance which stands for thanks to Hank Dussen. Due to my wrong conversion it now says (Tx2Hd) or something. How do I change that with the 'tag tag, field, format, functions' option? I hope you can help me with this. I'll donate if this issue is solved by your program. I bought Tag & rename also, but that program can't do that :wink:

Convert Tag-Tag
Field: ALBUM
Format string: $replace(%album%,Tx2Hd,TX2HD)

Thanks Dano!!!!
It's easy when you know it, but I didn't :slight_smile:
If it works for me, it probably will, I'll donate today!
It would be nice and handy to add some of these simple changes to the function manual page.
That explains to non programmers like me how use to the field functions.
But once again Dano; thank you!

I also recommend you to become acquainted with the actions feature which among many other feature offers a normal Replace function: