Howto find out the reason of Bad id3v2


i have many files which MP3Tag shows "Bad ID3v2"´. Is there a way to find out what is the reason for that ? Maybe a log file or something else ?



Welcome Schnippsche, in response to your questions ...
I am not aware of such service features in the current version of Mp3tag.

There are some threads in the forum regarding "Bad ID3v2".
ID3v2: !BAD
Bei Anzeige "(BAD ID3v2)" Korrektur möglich?
... and more ...

I looks like you have to delete the entire defective tag using Mp3tag's remove tag feature.

You can also try to use other service tools, like mp3val or foobar2000, but I do not know how they work on a totally defective tag.



thank for your answers, i searched the forum before with "Bad" and didn't find some hits :unsure:

I used AudioGenie to create/edit the id3v2 tags and it gives me all fields correct.
So i didn't know if there is a problem from Mp3Tag or AudioGenie....