REMARK: See also my multipage CD/DVD cover in another thread which is in RTF format. RTF has the big advantage that the users can easily edit/modify/decorate the results before printing.

This is an export configuration for software Mp3tag v2.37a.
It was based on the ideas of two earlier configurations:
"html_vitamin_cd.mte" and "html_squonk.mte", that were
found in the "official list of export configurations".

This export configuration aims at producing simple CD
front covers for MP3 CDs. Such CDs usually contain several albums.
The size is 12 x 12 cm so the user can cut out the covers and
put them into the CD case. In this way composer, artist and title
info as well as the totals of the track numbers, playing times
sizes will be readable for each album on the CD.

Special care was taken to display long tag texts, if any, in
a compact, but easily readable form.
Such a small scrip of paper may be handy for MP3-players, too.

  "html_AlbumListCover.mte" produces a summary listing of information
  on the mp3 files in the given folder and its subfolders.
  If there are subfolders starting from the current folders, they are
  also processed and the total playing time, size and track number data
  of all mp3 files in the given directory structure are listed in the
  last row of the output table. 

The arrangement allows the displaying of long ID3 infos, too, as the
following example (MP3 albums from shows.

Example (See the attached snapshot for a nicer view):

Album Tracks Time Size

Högman / Bergman / I Quattro Temperament : 15 01:09:29 92.67 MB
"HANDEL: 9 German Arias HWV 202-210 /
Trio Sonata in C minor HWV 386a" (1989)

Marion Verbruggen / Ton Koopman / Jaap ter Linden : 27 00:57:43 73.75 MB
"Handel: The Complete Sonatas for Recorder" (1995)


Total of folder "HANDEL": 163 08:42:07 700.92 MB

If you prefer to list your own folder names instead of the
sometimes silly album title infos from the id3 tags,
please use the similar "html_FolderListCover.mte"

TESTING: The output produced by "Mp3tag v2.37a" with this export
configuration was tested with internet browsers Opera (v. 9.10)
and Internet Explorer (v.7.0).

March 1, 2007. Revised on March 6, 2007.

snapshot_html_AlbumListCover.html (5.85 KB) (4.32 KB)

Nice and efficient work!
You might extend this skript to hold more entries up to DVD size with support for multiple 12x12 sheets.


Hi, Detlev,
I am a new in this field. If someone wish to make multiple 12x12 cm sheets for a long listing, the length of the written text should somehow be tracked. One should observe when the end of the given 12x12 cm sheet is reached and a new sheet should be started. (Otherwise the users would cut lines with their scissors.)

Does this scripting language allow the declaration of integer variables so that the developer could check the number of characters output in each table column? If so, where is the info?

Thanks: Gabor.


In the meantime I did a closer look into the html sources and I recommend that you look into again too. There are some quirks on using css classes and no standard conform positioning of style commands. If you understand german language, then I would heartly advise you to read into the standard reference manual: SELFHTML


COMPATIBILITY WITH OPERA [:slight_smile:] AND APOLOGIES [ :frowning: ]

Being new in this forum, I've simply put my script modifications into the original message.
Unfortunately, a version not compatible with the Opera browser was on for 24 hours, from the morning of March 5 to the morning of March 6 (Central European time zone). This was contrary to the readme text which clearly states that my html scripts are compatible both with Opera 9.10 and with Internet Explorer 7.0. I corrected the incompatibility and apologize to those very few people who downloaded my stuff in that particular day.

Regards: Gabor.