This is an export configuration for software Mp3tag v2.37a.
It was based on the ideas of two earlier configurations:
"html_vitamin_cd.mte" and "html_squonk.mte", that were
found in the "official list of export configurations".

This is an alternative version to my other arrangement
html_AlbumListCover.mte. The difference is that the
present version displays folder names instead of the authors
and album titles. It can handle folder names
of any length.

This export configuration aims at producing simple CD
front covers for MP3 CDs. Such CDs usually contain several albums.
The size is 12 x 12 cmm so the user can cut out the covers and
put them into the CD case. In this way the the folder names,
track numbers, total playing times and total sizes will be readible
for each album on the CD.
Such a small scrip of paper may be handy for MP3-players, too.

  "html_FolderListCover.mte" produces a summary listing of information
  on the mp3 files in the given folder and its subfolders.
  If there are subfolders starting from the current folders, they are
  also processed and the total playing time, size and track number data
  of all mp3 files in the given directory structure are listed in the
  last row of the output table. 

Example (See the attached snapshot for a nicer view):

Folder Tracks Time Size

HANDEL_ 9 German Arias HWV 202-210 _ 15 01:09:29 92.67 MB
Trio Sonata in c HWV 386a/

HANDEL_ Complete Sonatas for Recorder/ 27 00:57:43 73.75 MB


Total of folder "HANDEL": 163 08:42:07 700.92 MB

TESTING: The output produced by "Mp3tag v2.37a" with this export
configuration was tested with internet browsers Opera (v. 9.10)
and Internet Explorer (v.7.0).

See the attached html_FolderListCover.mte, README.TXT and snapshot example. (2.46 KB) (1.39 KB)