(The attached code was slightly updated on March 5)

This is an export configuration for software Mp3tag v2.37a.
This is a modification of an earlier export configuration file,
"html_squonk.mte", found in the "official list of export configurations".

It serves for a DETAILED LISTING of information on all mp3 files in the
given folder and its subfolders.
It aims at making informative catalogues on one or more MP3 albums
when the titles, album titles and folder names are long and contain
many useful information.
All subfolders starting from the current folder are processed.

MP3 files of classical music frequently contain huge amounts of
useful information in the ID3 tags. The titles and album titles
are frequently longer than 100 characters. The titles themselves
sometimes goes up above 200 characters, especially in the case
of vocal music.
The file names derived from the ID3 tags may also be pretty long.

In order to display all of this info in a easily readable format,
this version produces less, but wider columns than the original
"html_squonk.mte" configuration.

On the other hand, the displayed technical info is restricted to the most
important items: track number, bitrate, the indicator or variable (VBR)
or constant (CBR) bitrate and the version of the ID3 tag info.

Besides, some additional minor adjustments were also carried out:
there are less pink color than in the "html_squonk.mte"
in the "official list of export configurations" (and the Italian
text in the output table headers were removed).

ALBUM ART: This configuration assumes that there is an optional decorative
image in each folder named as folder.jpg. If you happen to use some other
name for the album art, please replace string folder.jpg by your choice
in the file "html_longtaglist.mte" by a text editor.

PLAY LIST: The main titles and the title of each table are HTML
references to playlist(s) "playlist.m3u". If there is a corresponding
playlist.m3u in the given folder or subfolder, the clicking on the main
title or table title will initiate its playing.

COLUMN WIDTHS: The column width settings are given in percent in the
following lines:

     <th width="41%%">Filename</th>
     <th width="42%%">ID3-Details</th>
     <th class="center" width="7%%">Time</th>
     <th class="center" width="10%%">Size</th>

You can modify these values.

If you wish to modify the yellow background, replace each occurrence of
"#fff6c8" by your choice. This occurs 5 times in html_longtaglist.mte.
The bluish-gray part of the background is defined by string "#eaeeff".
This occurs only once in html_longtaglist.mte.
And so on ...

TESTING: The output produced by "Mp3tag v2.37a" with this export
configuration was tested with internet browsers Opera (v. 9.10)
and Internet Explorer (v.7.0).
The default output file name is MP3List.html.
(The snapshot example, however, was re-saved in .mht format which is
not handled propery by Opera.)

See the attacehd html_LongTagList.mte, README.TXT and snapshot example. (143 KB) (3.87 KB)