I can't find Mp3CompleteTags? Or similar name

My Windows desktop PC is in storage, so I am using a MacBook at the moment. I have Mp3tag running under Wine quite nicely.

I remember a user-developed script/tool on these forums called something like "Mp3CompleteTags". I've tried every combination of the words, but still can't find it. I used it quite a bit to thoroughly tag and rename my files.

Is it still available? What is the name - I can't believe I can't locate it.

Many thanks!

What do you want to achieve?
Show all the fields in a file?
Then have a look at the $list() function in an export

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It's still here :slight_smile:

However, I'm not sure if it's possible to run it from your MacBook...

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Thank you, Florian! I'll give it a try... I have a Windows laptop now, too...