I can't seem to write tags to some of my WAV files

Hi guys. I'm having a small issue writing tags to some of my WAV files, and I'm hoping someone can advise of a solution.

I have a lot of WAV files without ID3 tags and I am not able to write tags to them at all. When I try, a pop-up flashes quickly (too fast to read) and then disappears. All tags remain empty.

Then, I have some WAV files with ID3v2.3 (RIFF ID3v2.3) tags and I am able to write/overwrite tags on those specific WAV files.

Example screenshot from one folder:


Any idea how I can fix this so that I can write tags to any of my WAV files?

see e.g. here:

Thanks. Mmm I see they are not playing at all now. They only play in VLC but not in any other players. Could I have messed them up when I did the below (damn I hope not):

I was looking to batch copy tag from 1700 mp3 files to their wav file counterparts. So I renamed the .wav files to .mp3 and batch copied the tags across, then renamed the files back to .wav. In hindsight, I realise this was rather silly. But.. of more importance, could this have broken the files? All other wav files I download from my main music site work fine in MP3Tag (and these are all purchased from that same site).

A picture does not become a text if you change the extension.
What you could try:
rename the wav-files back again to MP3 and then cut the tags from these files and rename them to wav again.

To copy tags from one kind of files to another:
Align the source files and the target files so that the sequence matches.
Then select the source files, copy the tags with the function of the context menu of the files list.
Then select the target files and paste the tags with the function of the contect menu. All the tag fields that are supported by the target files will be copied.

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Thanks. What I did was load the files in WavePad and then export them as same quality WAV files, overwriting the original files in the process. Tags working fine now. Thanks for the excellent assistance - as always

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