I need to combine title with year in the title field.

I've searched and tried several combinations and nothing has worked. I've used Format > Title > %title%%year% and %title% %year% and %title% ~ %year%. What am I doing wrong?


Have you entered the right forum? In MP3tag there is no such menu or function like "Format".

For the basic proceedings to append a tag please refer to the FAQs:

as format string use
%title% %year%

THis only works if the respective tags are filled.

Under "Actions". When you create your own.

I think it is called "Format tag field" and the path is Actions>New> Format Tag field - but nevermind.
Back to your problem: what does not work?
Does modifying tags work (that is: have you set Tools>Options>Mpeg set to V1, V2 for reading, writing and unticked APE?)
What does the expected result look like?