I think I found a bug

I love this application, I use it a lot, it's so powerful.
I have a lot of mp3, and tagging them and finding covers with the help of another applications is easier because they exist.

There's a very annoying feature though that drives me crazy.
If I am working on it looking at a portion of the screen, sometimes when I select a few tracks and then pick Extended Tags, from the right click menu, the screen moves all the way to the left, which is an incredibly annoying and inconvenient thing to do, it's so bad that I went through the trouble of registering to report this.

Is there a way to disable this annoying behaviour, is it intentional?

see this bug report: [X] Horizontal scrollbar resetting
is it similar?

I've downloaded the latest version, which probably fixes that.
I still didn't confirm if this is no longer happening in this version though.

But, I opened a playlist with ~50K files in it, and after waiting a ton of time, it hangs and says it
doesn't have enough memory to complete.
That's so frustrating and infuriating, it's the same issue I used to have in an older version,
so I had to split the playlist into 2.
I guess I will have to find a work around this.

Just realized that the flawed behavior is still happening in the new version :angry:
This behavior shouldn't happen at all, it's so frigging annoying.

I do not know how you got the impression that the behaviour should be fixed in the version that you downloaded. On the contrary: as far as I understand the linked thread, the cause for the behaviour is unknown so it cannot be remedied. See [X] Horizontal scrollbar resetting

Got it, thanks.