I want to keep multi cd albums in one album

Hi I have several sets of music in multiple CDs. I have put all of the tracks into one folder but when I download to iPad they get split up again into the separate albums. Is there any way of stopping this.
Cheers Michael

Check what you have in the field ALBUM. The string there should be the same for all tracks of that album.
(The place where you keep the files should not matter - only the metadata in the tag fields is important)

The name is the same for each track. I have even changed the name of the album but the music still goes back into 2 albums when imported to ipad.
I am assuming there is something in the tag file which does this

I cannot really make sense of it: how do you know that the files split up into 2 albums?
Have you had the files on the iPad before but then they were still tagged as 2 albums?
Does iTunes show the changed data or how do you synchronize?
Have you tried to rename files (and not the tag data) so that the library on the iPad has to be updated?

Here is a thread that deals with updating information on iPods and iPads;

Its actually 3 albums. I have the same problem with several multi cd albums. Even when I ripped them to the hard drive and put all the tracks in 1 folder windows media player put them all back again. I now keep all my music on a separate drive. With some I have simply changed the album name and the album artist and that works but some like this one still reverts back.
I don't use iTunes I use another programme for uploading. But that works through iTunes anyway

If you want to see tracks of a single album, you have to have the same data in the fields:
(and possibly, if you have set them, also ALBUMARTISTSORT and ALBUMSORT)
You also have to trigger the update mechanism on the player. One way could be to rename the files so that the player sees them as modified/new files.

Ok will give that a try. Thanks

Just another thought I read somewhere that the tag reference can hold a piece of metadata that refers to the original album. Is this possible and if so where would that be held

Check the dialogue "Extended tags" (Alt-T)
There you see all the tag information that is used to identify tracks.

That didn't show anything. What I have since done is called the "discnumber" = 1 and that seems to have solved it.

Didn't work with the next set

You mean it is empty?

Tried calling discumber = 1 with my next compilation and it put the individual tracks in individual albums

Did each of these tracks have the same ALBUM ARTIST?

Yes I changed it so they did

I am still missing a confirmation on the options described in