ID3/APE tags + Zune 8GB

Hey guys,
this has been eating up a LOT of my time lately and its been VERY frustrating to say the least <_<

anyway, as the title states, I have an 8GB Zune that I just purchased about 4-5 days ago. I have about 2 - 3 GB of music that I've been trying to edit the tags so they can go into the Zune under the right artist. The zune software picks up all the tags and lists all the songs under the right artist but when I sync with the zune, 90% of the songs will get added under a "blank" artist. The zune actually display's a blank artist name (instead of the usual "unknown artist")

so I went into the MP3tag program options and I deleted ALL the tags and re typed in ALL the tags by hand. I've tried to write them to ID3v2.3 and the zune still has the same issue.

I've also tried to add in all the tag types (ie. ID3v1, ID3, v2 and APEv2) at the same time and after doing that, it actually made it worse as my Zune will now put almost ALL the songs under a blank artist.

I'm out of options and have NO clue what to do now.

any ideas?

PS - I dont think its a bad Zune because this wasnt an issue for all my songs, when I sync'd for the first time (after buying the Zune). In the beginning, this was only a problem for about 30 songs. Ever since I started messing with the tags, it got worse. So I think if I can figure out what i'm doing wrong with the tags, it will fix my issue.


No ape tags, only id3v2.3 (and maybe id3v1)
Then what's probably important is the BAND tag (called Album Artist in zune software)

See this link: :smiley:

So yes, Artist and Band tag should be the same, unless it's a compilation
And read here how to copy artist to band automatically:

thanks for the info!

I removed all the tags and right now ONLY the ID3v2.3 tag is written to. I also created the Band / Album Artist (as stated in the link you provided)....


it still did not work. All songs are being added to the Zune under an "unkown artist". The Zune software reads all the tags correctly and will display each artist and song. But the Zune device puts the songs under "unknown artist"

ummm ... I have no clue what I should try next.

somethign else I noticed is that when i actually PLAY a song on the zune device, the song title AND artist displays on the screen.

so the tags are there but ... yeah ...... :angry:


Someone suggested to reset the library?
Or you must delete the files from the zune and upload new ones.

yeah, i tried that already. I've reset the collection AND uploaded the newly tag-editted songs....still persists.

I'm doing searches on google and apparently LOTS of people are having this issue. So even though the MP3tag program claims the "band" and "album artist" tags are written with the correct info, the zune software is probably not recognizing it.

I'm going to reinstall the software ONE more time ..... hopefully this helps.

thanks for the help guys....looks like the problem is not with the tags, now that I'm able to edit them correctly.