id3 tag for ogg and wma file


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editing WMA tags with Mp3tag only works if Window Media Player 9 or the latest WMA Dll-Update is installed.

This also only works for Windows 98 SE and above.

For Ogg Vorbis files, simply open a directory which contains .ogg files and edit their tags :slight_smile:

~ Florian

Hi, Florian,
Thanks for your reply. I have used the Mp3tag and try to read and edit the id3 tag of wma and ogg file. It works well. But I want to work on a small software so I can edit id3 tag by myself. So.. ~ I'm just a newer for programmer and I want to do something by myself. And I found that the id3 tagger is small and interesting and has the actual function. Any suggestion?
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If you're just learning a programming language I suggest first implement the ID3v2 standard to learn how to read and implement specifications.

After that, have a look at the Vorbis Comments specifications and some hints for how to get started with vorbis development.

If you still want to implement wma tagging after doing ID3v2 and Vorbis Comments, then read the Advanced Systems Format Specification to get familiar with Windows Media Audio.

~ Florian

Hi, Florian,
Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try it.
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I'm now working on the ogg file. Now I can read the info from ogg file, but when I try to write to the ogg file, I was confused. For I still haven't make it clear the structure of the ogg file, so some header info in the header confuse me. What the 21 char before the Libvorbis 'Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20020717' mean? And how the char created? I have make it clear that the 5th char is the number of the following chars and the 6th is the number of all the char following it until #1. But the first 4 chars? I'm sure they are connected with the comment info, but what do they mean and how create them? Could you give me some suggestion?
Thanks for your time.
Merry Christmas and happy new year.
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I'm sorry but this is not the "How I write my own tagger" support forum. If you have any questions regarding Ogg Vorbis, please have a look at the example implementation vcedit.c and the developer mailing list archives. If this doesn't help, join the developer mailing list and ask your questions there.

Merry christmas to you!

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