id3 tag version ..?


can't seem to find any info on this, but basically, just wondered how mp3tag handles the older tag format ..?

as far as i can tell, it defaults to v2 (i.e. this is the one you can see/edit) and presumably changes v1 if it already exists.

only question is, whether there is any way to manually edit/delete this version of the tag ..?

cheers ..

What do you mean with "this version of the tag"?

MP3Tag supports writing of ID3v1, ID3v2 and APEv2 tags. It can also remove Lyrics3 tags when ID3v1 is removed (since Lyrics3 can only exist with ID3v1).

Also, please have a look at the FAQs.

wow, talk about a speedy reply ..! :sunglasses:

anyway, as it happens, after all this time not knowing, as soon as i posted the above question, i managed to find the answer (well, kind of :wink: ), in the FAQ .. d'oh?!

anyway, the only thing left to say (i guess), is that ..

(i) it would be nice to have the option to "flip" the tag displays between v1 + v2 (great for checking that sinc between v2-v1 hasn't truncated long album names etc)
(ii) would also be much neater to have the option to "scroll" onto extended tag info (rather than have to hit alt+T, which isn't hard but ain't as neat as it could be).

for example, check out the tag editor i used to use here :

JJ MP3 Renamer

note : the only reason i don't now use this one is that it doesn't offer any websources other than freedb, so no cover artwork :frowning:

anyway, will repost the above thoughts in the appropriate forum ..

cheers ..!

This is definitely not planned.

Check out the latest Development Build. You can define custom fields for display in the Tag Panel at Options > Tag Panel.

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~ Florian

P.S. Deleted your double post (please don't do again) <_<

ok, will check out the dev build - is that the 2.35b ..? just was a little confused, as i thought it must be the beta before the final now released build of 2.35 ..?

ps only copied part of the other post here, since the other one started out on a different issue and ended on a feature request (so thought best move/link to here :wink:). either way, no probs and thanks ..

cheers ..!

2.35b is newer than 2.35 and yes, that is the current dev. build.

ok, got it.

cheers ..!