ID3v1 tags are not identified in FLAC files

If a FLAC file has Vorbis tags and ID3v2 tags then %_tag% expands to "FLAC ID3v2".
Good. This shows me the files that should be edited to remove the ID3 tags.

However, without using Mp3tag, I accidentally discovered several FLAC files with ID3v1 tags. %_tag% expanded to "FLAC".
Therefore, there was no indication of the "improper" ID3 tags that I want to remove.
I could still remove the offending ID3v1 tags in the usual way but I only knew they were there by a lucky accident.

Does Mp3tag ignore ID3v1 tags in FLAC files?

It would be better to indicate any and all ID3 tags contained in FLAC files.

I've added reporting of existing ID3v1 tags in %_tag% for FLAC files with Mp3tag v3.08c.

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