ID3v2.3 tags visible in MP3TAG but not in Explorer

I messed up my collection and have used Mp3Tag to retag all my music. However, while it has worked with most files - some files look like they are updted in Mp3Tag but the tag info is not visible in either WMP or Explorer. All files in question are MPEG 1 Layer 3 and I'm using the default ID3v2.3 tags.

Any Thoughts?

Go to options for reading, removing and saving tour tags.
Read: Tick all tag types.
Remove: Tick everything except v2.3
Save: Just tick v2.3.

Select one problem file to test and right click>Remove tag. Dont panic it only removes everything except v2.3 you have set in the options.

Then ctrl+S to save the tag.

Also use a program called mp3val to scan your mp3 and fix there integrety.