ID3v2: !BAD

After having edited a set of files in TagScanner 5.1, I'm now receiving an error for my ID3v2.3 tags.
My MP3tag v2.44 is showing me in the Tag column: "ID3v1 (ID3v1 !BAD ID3v2)"
What I did with TagScanner was that I filled up the tag's Comment field from the Directory, and TagScanner was to update both v1 and v2 tags (in its usual "Auto" setting).

Some programs, like MediaMonkey, Winamp 5.56 still show me the actual ID3v2. I can also edit the v2 tag using these programs with no problem at all!
Some others, like (apart from MP3tag...) Zortam MP3 Center 1.10 show me nothing for the ID3v2, so I'm sure something is wrong.

I just want to ask if there's a way to FIX the v2 tag, or not?
I've been googleing for a tool to do it for me, but so far no success.

I can send you a sample to check, if you want (the smallest is 2MB).
Thanks for this great tool!

"!BAD ID3v2" is usually displayed if Mp3tag encounters an invalid ID3v2 tag where it's not able to get some meaningful information out of it. Normally this is caused by broken ID3v2 implementations.

To be more specific, I'd have to analyze one of the offending files and it would be nice if you can send me one of those to my contact address.

The tag of the example file you've provided has an invalid UFID frame. To repair the files, just delete the ID3v2 tags with Mp3tag.

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Tagscanner keep untouched frames like UFID, GEOB etc. Most likely this frame was originally set wrong.
To make your files mp3tag-friendly just Cut and Paste tags in tagscanner. All unused and hidden fields will be removed from the tags.

I have same issue. Using Winamp I deleted the BPM entry from the ID3v2 tag with success, now Mp3Tag reads tag properly as a (ID3v2.3). Then I discovered that I don't need to delete the BPM entry, I just need to type over it i.e. retype 120 in the field.

I have a different problem with ID3v2 tags: my (old) portable device only supports ID3v1 tags.
However, I can't figure out how to "just delete the ID3v2 tags". When I use File-->Remove Tag, it asks me to confirm that I want to remove the tags of the selected files. It does not offer different choices of what to remove.

In Tools-->Options-->Tags-->MPEG, there is a series of checkboxes for 'Remove'. What you are suggesting is to check only the option ID3v2 there and then execute File-->Remove Tag?

These options do seem to work correctly, but I might suggest as a feature request, that when a user executes File-->Remove Tag, that the confirmation dialog is a bit more specific about what it is about to do. Currently there is no difference in the advisory message based on what MP3Tag is about to do. It would be an improvement if it advised, z.B. "Do you want to remove {all of the tags | the ID3v1 tag | [and] the ID3v2 tag} from the selected files?"
Modifying the confirmation dialog to contain more specific information is probably easier than asking what to remove, and it would be more reliable than a user trying to remember to go back into the options and make sure that's set correctly. Thanks for considering.

Hello Together!
So, I have also this ID3v2: ! BAD issue...
The problem is: I'm tagging the file "a" and everything is fine. Then I'm tagging the file "b" and the file will be "bad". Bad means: I still see the file itself in the mp3tag application, in the music folder too, and the tags are also visible, but nothing can play it. In Winamp the length will be 0:00.
If I'm deleting the added tags, everything goes back to normal. (Except that I still not have tags which I need)
I tried to find out the difference between the files, because I do not see any obvious difference.

I checked the files with mp3val, but it didn't help a lot...
Can you help me what is wrong and how could I tag all of my files?

I would say that the information "too few frames" and "unlikely that this is a mpeg audio file" says it all: this file is damaged apparently beyond repair.
You could also check it with mp3diags but I doubt that you will have much joy with it.

Ok, then, I rephrase it: the main question is; why is mp3tag damaging the files?
What can I do to repair the damaged files, or tag them in a way that they does not get damaged?

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It's a strong claim that Mp3tag is damaging the files. Can you check if the files are valid and without errors in the first place? I'd suggest using MP3 Diags for that:

How to check files for errors?

If the files are valid and Mp3tag is damaging the files, please provide an example file and steps to reproduce the issue.

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Dears! I'm not an IT expert... so, please don't get me wrong. I'm just looking for help.
So let me explain my problem again. I have apprx. 200 files in a folder. I'm tagging them (in order to have them as one album in itunes). From the 200 files ~130 files are tagged correctly. The remaining ~70 is still visible in the folder, and the tags are visible in mp3tag. But nothing can play this songs, I just receive a failure message. Something similar: it is not possible to play the file, because the format is not supported or the file is damaged.
Then I delete the tags, and I can play the files again.
What should I do, in order to tag the files correctly?

The help hals already been provided:

And check then prior to tagging.