I'm sorry but these threads are different.


This topic is referring to someone who claims that a mass year-change caused deleted files. It is by someone who appears to not know what they are doing and who did not supply much usable info.

The topic I posted is in reference to the basic user-interface functionality, and my opinion that it is not quite user friendly in the 'deleting files' department. I DID look at that other topic. I did NOT reply to it, nor did I post this in the bug reports section because it's clear to me that I am NOT describing a bug. I am simply sparking discussion about the operation of the delete key, and providing a freeware solution that I found when I ran into trouble, just in case somebody else accidentally deletes any files using your software.

Perhaps you can explain to me why the default action of an mp3 tagger would EVER be to delete files? "Delete files" should be a completely separate option labelled "delete files permanently from hard drive". Or at a minimum the 'confirm delete' dialog should say "This operation will remove the files from your hard drive" rather than the generic "are you sure you want to delete?"

It is much more common that the delete function remove the files from the LIST and not from the hard drive. Even the full mp3-management library that I use has separate functions for delete-from-list and delete-from-drive so that the user knows exactly what's happeneing.

I am trying to offer suggestions and spark discussion. Please feel free to close all these threads and even delete all my posts if you really think that there is nothing to talk about here.

Deleting Files

Sorry, I was in a hurry when I've read your post (I'm moving home at the moment and I'm quite busy).

To prevent further mis-usage and mis-interpretation of the delete files feature, I'll remove it to the next release of Mp3tag.

Best regards,
~ Florian


awesome thanks!!

perhaps change it to CTRL-del so that it's still there, but harder to accidentally hit? I just think it's a little scary to have a one key delete for a folder and all it's subfolders!


I've changed the keyboard shortcut to [Ctrl+Del] with the latest Development Build.

Thanks for talking back :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian