Import action

I've tried a lot of time, but I'm not able to use the import action from txt file.

An example
If I've these 3 tracks in Mp3tags:
File Name Tracks Artist Title
file 1 1
file 2 2
file 3 3

And I wanna import the file named title-txt, with this information:
1 Introduction
2 Five To One
3 Break On Through

I've tried to impost this action:
Import file
Field: title
File name: ...Desktop\title.txt

The result is that every tracks will have this title:
"1 Introduction2 Five To One 3 Break On Through"

So please tell me where I make the error

2° question
Please can let me if is possible to import fron one txt file Artist name and title?



You have to use menu "Convert > text file - tag"

Create a textfile, e. g. "X:\Folder\Textfile.txt", with following lines e. g.:
^|1|Introduction|The Tell Us|Z:\Music\Artist\Album\Musicfile1.mp3|$
^|2|Five To One|The Doors|Z:\Music\Artist\Album\Musicfile2.mp3|$
^|3|Break On Through|Beton & Breaker|Z:\Music\Artist\Album\Musicfile3.mp3|$

Select the three tracks, then use Mp3tag/Convert/Text file - Tag:
Filename: X:\Folder\Textfile.txt
Format string: ^|%TRACK%|%TITLE%|%ARTIST%|%_PATH%|$

Please read there ...
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Thanks a lot for your great help