Import From Unsorted Text File


I have a bunch of mp3 files that have a backup of their tags in a text file, & now I want to restore the backup. but problem is not every mp3 i have in the backup is there & the sort of backup file is unknown.

I can sort the file using excel, but what should I do with the missing files?

PS. I dont know which files are missing to remove them manually from the text files,

It would be useful if it had matching value option to find the correct line of tags to import. for example by matching filename & first value of each line.

Thanks in Advance.

How did you lose the tags in the Mp3 files?

Next time, backup the files themselves.

Actually I messed them up.... Anyway, Is there any solution to my problem???

I found a solution myself, I export a list of my files & compare the list with the backup by excel,
But anyone has an easier solution???

Your explanation sounds as you have exported all the tag-field values into a text file, but have left out the full filepath to the original media file, which is the binding relation between text and media file.

Provided you have the backup text file, with each line having a list of tag-field-values and also the full file path included, then Mp3tag can easily do the import of the tag-field values to the related media file.
The backup text file can be of any sorting, because Mp3tag can bind each data line to its related media file due to the full file path pointer.
If some target media file does not exist, then Mp3tag skips the current text line and reports an error, but does the import until the end of the backup text file.

If you do not have a proper styled backup text file, will say without a full file path, then you have some hard work to do.
You have to re-order the backup text file entries respectively the Mp3tag list view entries to get both sides in sync, then apply the tag-field import.

There might be some other way to go.
Count the lines in the backup text file.
Create a bunch of empty dummy mp3 files, as many as the counted file related entries in the backup text file.
Then do the import of the tag-field values from the backup text file into these dummy mp3 files.
Afterwards load both file sets, the dummy files and the real target files into Mp3tag, then manually copy and paste the tag-field sets from one fitting dummy file to the one fitting real file as it should be (can also be done for selected groups of files).



Here is what I got from your explanation:
If I have a backup text file with full path as first value, mp3tag will do the matching,
& if any file is missing I can see the error in preview.

I can make a full path with a Simple excel formula..... Thanks again...

Edit: Do I have to insert %_path% in the importing dialog? or %dummy% or just nothing??
In other words which one should be in the format string field:

a line of the text file:
U:\music\Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey.mp3|Dennis Ferrer|Hey Hey|

Format String Field:

  1. %_path%|%artist%|%title%|
  2. %dummy%|%artist%|%title%|
  3. |%artist%|%title%|

You can arrange the list of tag-field values as you wish.

U:\music\Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey.mp3|Dennis Ferrer|Hey Hey

Hey Hey|U:\music\Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey.mp3|Dennis Ferrer

Dennis Ferrer|Hey Hey|U:\music\Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey.mp3

Dennis Ferrer|U:\music\Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey.mp3|Hey Hey

Hey Hey|Dennis Ferrer|U:\music\Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey.mp3

U:\music\Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey.mp3|Hey Hey|Dennis Ferrer


Quick Question what effect does spaces have between delimiter in the Format String or the data file. do they have to mach?

Yes, space characters are significant.
"%ARTIST%";"%TITLE%" ... is one format;
"%ARTIST%"; "%TITLE%" ... is other format.