Import old settings

Hello guys!

I saved my Mp3tag settings for whenever I format my HD I could import them back. I just installed mp3tag on another computer and cant import the settings (actions and columns) that I had set on the 1st computer. I already dragged the new contents of the folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Mp3tag\data\actions
to the same folder on the 2nd computer, but when I run the software, it only sees the standard presets (case conversion, CD-R and Standard).
About the "columns" I have no idea on how to fix it.
Both computers run the same version of Mp3tag

Can you guys help me?

Thank you!

That's the wrong folder. See here:

Thank you dano!

But and about the "columns" have you got a solution?

Thank you again!

The current columns configurations is saved in the columns.ini file.

After watching again the columns settings, I saw how to import the saved settings.
Thank you anyway!