Importing Multiple Genre Tags Not Working

I am trying to import data from a spreadsheet into MP3 Tag.
The data includes a field for 'genre' As I use multiple genres I use the double \ separator as advised elsewhere.
When I try and import them, it appears they are treated as separate file entries and then populate unrelated fields.
The fields being populated are:
%_filename_ext%,%year%,%chart position%,%remastered%,%_length%,%genre%,%bpm%;%play%,%quality%,%comment%,%album
from a typical csv file entry:
A - Hi-Fi Serious.mp3,2002,18,-,05:57,Pop\Rock,95.01,Rarely,Good,-,Hi-Fi Serious

(Arranged in the same order as the csv file.)

As you can see, the genre takes up two entries after the genre field which appears to be caused by the double \ separator (Note: should be two bars shown together. One is removed when posting).
So what do I have to change or set to import multiple genre entries?

In your CSV file, you have divided your album values with a comma (Good, - , Hi Fi Serious)
This will not work if you separate your fields with a comma too.

In your image we can only see a x as genre, not Pop\Rock.

If you want to show us \\ you have to enclose them in back ticks.

Please show as a real existing line from your CSV file (enclosed in back ticks)

You can edit your posts to enclose the format strings or other data in backticks `, e.g., `my format string` so that spaces and other special characters are preserved.

Yes, that's right csv stands for comma separated values; hence they are separated by commas.
The x is the genre field is an original entry displayed so I can check the correct data is being updated. Ther should be no 'x' shown if the csv data is written correctly. You will note in the csv file the required genre is ,Pop\Rock,.

I did try displaying double slash but couldn't get it to display correctly; hence my later bracketed comment.
This is how double slash displays:
'\' within ticks
"\" within quotes
x\x within letters
(\) within brackets
Each time, the second slash is removed when posting!

Just testing...
If this works then the csv file entry is:
~A - Hi-Fi Serious.mp3,2002,18,-,05:57,Pop\Rock,95.01,Rarely,Good,-,Hi-Fi Serious~

The mentioned backticks are also called accent grave. The ticks are apostrophes.

You can't import any value to the %_LENGTH% tag. This tag is read only.
Please use back ticks to format your code, back slashes or spaces.

Nope doesn't work!
Assume csv genre is:

I can't cope with cosntant stream of multiple inputs.
I shall leave for thirty minutes then review.

This could be.
But you need a unique separator between the fields.
If the comma is part of the data, then the field count goes wrong.
If a single character cannot be unique, try a character combination like ==.
If your source program does not offer an option to set the field separator, then you have to edit the resulting data file to set the separator.

Step by step:

1.) Create a minimalistic csv file manually, include this line and save it as Genre.csv
A - Hi-Fi Serious.mp3;Pop\\Rock
2.) Load and select your single song A - Hi-Fi Serious.mp3 in Mp3tag
3.) Call the Convert Text File - Tag (ALT + 4)
4.) Enter your complete path to your Genre.csv file in the filename input field
5.) As Format string, enter
6.) Press the OK Button and check your tags with Alt + T
It should look like this with 2 GENRE entries:

Tried what you suggested, many thanks.
With the semicolon separator the genre field just gets populated with Pop, as expected no other fields get updated.
Using the original comma separator does the same thing.
Your reply suggests more than one genre entry. Are you suggesting I should have more then one genre column? If, so then what parameters would I need to use to add them?

Thanks for the feedback regarding the length value. It is taken from the file and cannot be overwritten. I now understand that and shall remove the attempt to overwrite it.

I understand I need a separator between each tag entry. In the sample provided I used the default comma as a separator. See the above response to LyricsLover regarding separators used.

Regarding the display of the double slash.
´\´ The accent grave is on the key to the left of the 1 key. I get it now!
Still doesn't appear to work on my UK keyboard though!

The grave accent goes top left to bottom right. I think you used the accent aigu which goes bottom left to top right.
Alternatively, use the "preformatted text" function in the forum post editor toolbar

Off topic I know, but I really can't understand why you default to a non-standard keyboard key, then expect users to know what you have done with an apparently hidden function named 'preformatted text' which has no apparent meaning outside this forum. Why not just use UK keyboard keys as the default?
May I suggest you begin with an explanation each time users have a similar issue. It would save you a lot of work.

Oh, the explanation is already there:

This is not "as expected". If you follow my example exactly, you will see 2 GENRE Tags in your
song A - Hi-Fi Serious.mp3
As I wrote, press ALT + T after importing the Pop\\Rock and you will see it.

I you will not see any additional column using a text file import. And you don't need any additional column with the same (GENRE) name.
The values from your text file will be imported into tags in your tracks. The columns only display the content of your tags.

This is how it looks in the (standard) GENRE column, in the tag panel (left side) and in the "Extended Tags" window:

Thanks for the help, but as I want to be able to view my genre categories and not have to delve into thousands of files to select them, the process is not suitable for my needs.
The tag panel display just repeats the entire genre content.
As there are more than one genre on extended tags, could these be displayed in customised columns so I ignore the complete genre tag and only look at the extracted content in columns?
I guess what I am asking is is it possible get extended tags into a customised column?

I don't understand.
You would see the contents of fields of the type GENRE if you set for the column definition as
Value: $meta_sep(genre,\\)
This shows you a list of genres (if there is one), separated by the double backslash.

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Could you please follow the 6 steps mentioned above and then answer the following question:
1.) Do you see Pop and Rock as two separate GENRE in ALT + T?
If yes, the import works as expected.

2.) If you have sucessfully imported both tags and see them in the extended tag view, then we can start customizing your GENRE column.

But can we please do it step by step and solve one problem at a time?

You would see the contents of fields of the type GENRE if you set for the column definition as
Value: $meta_sep(genre,\\)
Thanks that does what I wanted to do: display multiple tags.
Not sure what all the other responses were for as they didn't allow me to display multiple tags?
Also, I have discovered you do not need the double slash, you can use semicolon which now makes the files compatible with all my devices and do not have to be MP3Tag specific.
Case closed.