Importing Tag Data without Deleting Current Tags

I'm trying to update the Composer tag for my MP3's.

The quickest way (but causes problems) is to import the files into Window Media Player, which will automatically add the composers, if available.

The problem: Window Media Player deletes all ID3 tags it does include such as the Performers, Credits fields.

To the best of my knowledge there's no way to modify the script.

What I need is some way to separate, hide, or block the Credit/Performers tags while updating my MP3's.

Does any one know of a program which fills in the missing data, but leave the current tags intact. I read that Itunes had a fix-tune app, put from what I read it was pulled/deleted from Itunes.


Any suggestions how to accomplish this... It's a large file 118 GB, so the manual approach is out.

Again, all I want to do is to update or import the Composer tags.


If you want to preserve the date from particular fields you could copy it to other fields (that you do not use) and move them back again.
You could even copy the data to user-defined fields.
see the FAQs
on how to copy the contents of fields.