Improvement Idea: sort Convert Filename-Tag pulldown-list


I do a lot of different tag-conversions from filenames [ALT-2], for instance:
%track% - %artist% - %title%
%artist% - %title% (%year%)

The pulldown-list is getting really long.
It would be nice if this pulldown-list is sorted alphabetically. So much easier to look up previously used formats. The same goes for [ALT-1] pulldown list.

(I believe the pulldown-list under Tag-Tag conversion [ALT-5] is already sorted that way.)

Great if this were possible!
Please consider?

Greetings, Otto.

If you need these conversions so often you should consider to define actions instead of using the conversion-menue. There you can even tree-sort your actions as you want.

Sorry, won't do me any good. Isn't a batch-job.
Every CD has its tracks (filenames) named according to a different scheme. When I see the filenames, I know what to do and how to convert into tags. It's just that 'choosing the right one' from earlier used formats in the pulldown-list would be easier if sorted alphabetically.

Well, if there are earlier used formats you can use again not every CD is named differently. Naturally there can't be so many different ways to create a filename. And if there are maybe 10 different ways you can create 10 different actions, name them and sort them as you like.

You would be surprised! 27 and counting...
Besides: the Conversion-window gives an instant preview before really applying. The Actions do not.

I agree that every new set of files has to be considered individually.
I do not really agree that an alphabetically sorted list would speed up things as scrolling through lengthy list is often more time consuming than typing in the first couple of letters and then harvesting the benefits of the already implemented incremental search:
You get offered an already stored pattern that starts with the characters that you have typed in.
This is very often just a matter of 3 or 4 key strokes to narrow down the offered pattern to one that is suitable for the task.

Perhaps you have never tried the keyboard approach but always used the mouse-click-and-scroll way. See if it comes close to the original idea: easier recycling.

PS: what I would find a good feature would be some kind of auto-completion if you type in longish fieldnames - just as it is implemented in the action dialogues or the extended tags dialogue when you have to select a field ...

This is the decisive argument!
It relieves the user every time from turning on the brain, ...
when the user must navigate through a menu and must choose the right action.
The converter's preview and the eyes decide, which format mask is fitting to be selected.
And I can see some advantage, if the list of format masks is sorted, ...
which is a different approach to the existing status, which is last in first out.


I totally agree with your last remark - autocompletion would do the trick regarding fieldnames.
However: Now I get presented with the FIRST possible match. To find the next one I must continue typing until something really matches. Often the next match differs only in the last characters, i.e.
. %track%-%album%-%artist%-%title%-%year% vs.
. %track%-%album%-%artist%-%title% (%year%)
Selecting from a pulldown list is easier in these cases IF the list were sorted. It is not.
Funny and silly, because the tag-tag conversion pulldown list IS sorted that way. Just saying.. :wink:

Thank you (Danke schön) !

Originally I just came up with this improvement idea and posted it. Now it is becoming a real discussion. As we Dutch say : "Eerst doen, dan denken" - "Act first - think later" :wink:

Here is a poor good tip:
Copy each of your format mask strings into a text file.
Sort the text file, alphabetically by lines.
Remove all existing format mask strings from the converter "Filename-Tag" history list.
Then fill the history list from the sorted text file, line by line, manually, starting with the last line.


And tomorrow I use a non-existing format, so I do this again ?? and again ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for thinking with me, though. I appreciate it.
Vielen Dank fürs mitdenken. Ich schätze es sehr.

Greetings, Herzlichen Gruß, Otto.

Native Dutch - I speak English or I can polish my German (pun intended)

I WHOLEHEAREDLY AGREE. Here is a PARTIAL list of what I have for Filename to Tag.

It would a HUGE improvement to have the list sorted. The more I use the program, the longer the lists get for Filename to Tag and Tag to Filename.

I tried the idea of creating a text file with every option manually sorted, then manually entering. If you only have 10, not a big deal to just pick through. When you get in the 30 range, it is a quagmire.

Please add my voice to the list of those wishing for sorting in these lists. Perhaps a checkbox to auto-sort the list next to the Preview button?

Please use the latest version of MP3tag (3.15) and see

where you can also sort the strings.

My issue here is the complete overhaul of the system really messes up the way I've had it set up for years. I do a tag - tag conversion and have them in a certain order, and I like to clean up individual entries that I don't use often.
Now instead of grouping them in alphabetical order it's putting new ones on top AND I also now have to go to history to delete stuff instead of simply selecting it and 'remove from history'. Extra work for no reason.

...Until you spend a few minutes to label and define any and all of the ones you use regularly in the organizer, and even put them in the order you want. This does not have to be alphabetical.

This was a feature request that I honestly didn't see the value in, until it was implemented. Now I can see the full value and only wish it was added sooner given how often I use common filters.

Not sure what organizer you mean.

But for instance I'm often adding a string to many tracks, and it's different each time. And now it's shoving them at the top over the stuff like formatting numbers I use regularly rathen than mixed in with the others. I just clear out a three-four now and again, it works fine.

In fact for now I'm just going to stick with 3.14, it's that bothersome.

More info here

I referred to the organizer, but the documentation refers to it as Manage Lists.

Check out the right-arrow-button next to the format string input field.
Especially if you have a set of frequently used strings it may be worthwhile to label them. you may also sort the items.