Include Numbering Wizard in Actions?

I love MP3Tag and swear by it, and this is possibly the one thing it's missing, for me.

I would love the ability to include the Numbering Wizard as a step in batch actions. An example of what I do... I often batch-edit large numbers of audiobook files, which I usually cut into 1:30:00 pieces. I like having the title as "Part X of Y". Currently, the only way to do it when tagging multiple directories at once, is

  1. Numbering Wizard → save total count, include leading zeroes
  2. My custom action → Format value of title as "Part %track%", Replace "/" in title with " of ".
  3. Numbering Wizard → untick save total count, 'cause I don't like that format :wink:

Which is three clicks if I have messages turned off. If I could include the Wizard steps in my custom action, it would be just one. (Yes, I'm a lazy person. :stuck_out_tongue: )

eta: I'm comfortable with RegEx and scripting, but to my knowledge there's no way to accomplish that with either :frowning: