Inconsistent and counterproductive pointer focus behavior

To reproduce this user unfriendly behavior [bug?] please do this:

1] load more files then your Mp3tag in a maximized mode can hold

2] set the Tag Panel in a vertical position

3] select active [turned on] more tag fields for your Tag Panel that it can hold, so that the scrollbar for them will show

4] select on file from your list and wipe out all tags from it

And now select some other file from the list and use your mouse's scroll-wheel. The list moves up and down- a handy and obvious feature, right? But what about the Tag Panel? If you click on a grey area of it [i.e. click somewhere else than inside some of the boxes] you will not be able to scroll the Tag Panel up and down. And if you click inside one of the boxes [in some tag field that is], then the scrolling will give you access to < blank > and < keep >. But that is not true if the selected file or files do not have any data in them [i.e. they have empty fields]- to check this out select on the list of your files that what you were suppose to o in point #4. With such file being selected, the scroll wheel controls the scroll bar of the Tag Panel, thus allowing for movement up and down within it. But that is also true only partially, as it seems that this will happen only when you click TITLE, ARTIST or ALBUM tag field and have the focus indicator blinking in them. Because if you click GENRE or COMPOSER or SOME-MADE-UP-BY-THE-USER field, then once again the wheel brings up < blank > and < keep >

Overall: I would like to be able to choose if the focus should automatically follow my pointer, thus allowing for the scroll wheel to control the element upon I hover upon in a given moment. Or at least have a consistent behavior in all of the Tag Panel's fields for all kinds of files

Looks to me like that what has been described here:

I do not think so

I am using 2.91 with supposedly has fixed that [whatever that is as it hard for me to understand] problem

This issue seems to have been eradicated in some of the updates

Case closed

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