Incorrect tags applied if tracks not ordered


By default, filenames are sorted by name, which doesn't necessarily correspond to the track number sorting.
I took me a while to realize that the reason my tracks were labeled incorrectly was that they were not sorted by track.

I have then modified the settings in MusicMatch to generate the filenames by preceding the song title with the track number, and the problem is solved.

Is is possible to determine the track number from the CDDB info, and apply the tags accordingly?


Hi Calin,

when tagging your files via freedb you have two preview panes - the left pane is filled with track infos and the right pane with the filenames. Each entry in the two panes corresponds to the entry in the other pane.

To change the order in the filename pane you can use the up/down buttons and there is an auto-sort feature labeled 'Suggest sorting' which has good results in some cases.

Hope that helps.

~ Florian