Information from directory name to tag


I have a bunch of mp3s with empty YEAR tag, but each of the singles is contained in "Artist - Year - Title" folder. How do I extract the year from it into the YEAR tag?

By the way, I tried Actions, particularly Replace with regular expression. I matched the empty field and used scripting function in "replace with":


But it seems not to recognize "%_directory%" as a placeholder for parent directory (YEAR = "%_directory%"). I couldn't find a list of placeholders to be used in scripting functions and took this one from Columns. M-m, was that wrong?

You are probably using the Replace with regular expression action in a wrong way and you should use a different action type.

You can try Format value
Field: YEAR
Format string: $regexp(%_directory%,.+\s-\s(\d+)\s-\s.+,$1)

or Import value
Guessing pattern: %_directory%
Format string: %dummy% - %year% - %dummy%

I used the first suggestion and it worked. Thanks!