Inserting album pictures into tags

Hi all,

I have removed all unnecessary data, like comment, album artist, composer, discnumber and cover from my tags, as they (or only embedded cover perhaps) caused problems in correct reading CD´s (or even unreading at all) in my car mp3 player as well as a bit older minitower. But, newer players enable that without problems, so it could be nice to see on the display at least the cover again. What are the ways how to achieve it in a fastest, preferably batch mode way, using free accessible databases? My music folder is organized as follows: ARTIST/YEAR ALBUM/TRACK NUMBER (XX) TITLE, and I have 2.54 version of this splendind tool mp3tag.

Many thanks in advance.

Use the converter Filename-Tag to fill the tags again.
Then use a web-source to get the picture for the album.

For the converter use the backslash to separate the parts of the path, e.g.
%artist%\%year% %album%(%track%) %title%

Probably that mask does not fit as you did not give a true example for the filename.

Thanks, the mask is as you wrote down above (after deleting the brackets in %track%). I have all files tagged, this is not a problem, maybe I do something wrong to get picture embedded into files tags.
I opened the folder (with subdirectories so all individual tracks can be seen) as per the above mask, but none of mentioned websources worked sufficiently. I selected files in only one album, opened "Tag sources", then tried any of them - in case of freedb f.i. it reported "No suitable entry found for freedb ID XXXXX". Other sources always offered usually other artists/albums-this is what I could anticipate as the the music in my collection is not so much popular. So, it did not work recursively for the whole collection (when I selected all files-then it offered just the first album), but in single albums.

Freedb only supplies tags afaik.
If you look for covers then this works only for one album at the time.
In the basic setup you find and in the submenu Web Sources>Cover Art>amazon ... for covers (do not mix this with the web sources for tags).
In this forum there are several other websources,e.g discogs, itunes and google that also supply covers.

I see, it is pity, removing covers was possible in mass easily in one step for my whole collection, but it will not work in opposite direction. Looks I will better embed the pictures from images I have along with tracks as jpg´s.

Please note that there is an action that can import coverart by folder (as opposed to by album).
You either have files that follow a certain naming pattern, have a fixed filename or are the only(or first files) in a folder.
This could reduce the number of albums that need manual treatment.
You find all tracks without cover with the filter
%covers% IS ""

This is EXACTLY what I need to do! Can you please tell me which action I use for this. I need to import .PNG files from a folder to my files in Mp3Tag edit list using a one-to-one batch process. Many thanks for your help in advance, ohrenkino.

Did you have a look at the actions dropdown list? I mean: there is an action called "Import cover from file" which should be obvious enough.
If you are not sure how to create an action then have a look at the FAQs.

Probably, in your case you would have to specify the file-extension as well as the default is .jpg.

I did find the "Import cover from file" action. I'll try to figure out the proper coding for the solution you implied in your statement: "You either have files that follow a certain naming pattern, have a fixed filename or are the only(or first files) in a folder." That should do the trick for me. Many thanks for your quick reply.

Thanks VERY much, ohrenkino, for pointing me in the right direction! I was able to import a large number of PNG graphics in a single batch process.

This is a MOST amazing piece of software that can be customized to do ANYTHING (it seems) with audio files. Please thank Florian for initiating and continuing this project (it is WELL worth a donation).

Here is a little extra ... :wink:

You can now apply the filter
%_covers% IS ""
to find the files that have not got a cover picture.
Together with the tag sources in the web it should be "a piece of cake" to complete this job.

Nice filter, thanks! Cake is good .. especially if you are a musician! :smiley: