Inserting leading characters in the Artist field

Is there any way to insert 2 leading special characters in all Artist fields? For instance, inserting a dash and a space would change "Robert Palmer" to "- Robert Palmer", "Frank Sinatra" to "- Frank Sinatra", etc.


see the FAQs:

I may be reading this reply wrong, but I can't see how this relates to my original post.

How to append the string " xyz" to the content of a tag field?

Create a new action in an existing action group and choose Format value as action type.

Field specifies the tag field the formatting rule should be applied to.
Format string must have the field placeholder for the field selected above and the string which should be appended.

If you want to append the string " xyz" to the current value of the comment field:

Action type: Format value
Format string: %comment% xyz

You can use this also to add "xyz " in front of the tag value, combine fields or to copy one value to another field.

That worked, thanks!