Invalid naming of embedded pictures in WavPack files

When embedding picture(s) into WavPack files (using default APEv2 tags) with Mp3tag 3.10 there is no way to change picture type. Mp3tag always marks all embedded pictures as Front Cover. For example i try to embed 2 pictures - artist and cover. It is possible to use "Set cover type", but after saving tags to file, type is reset to Front Cover.
As a result, foobar2000, for example, can see only one picture (first) in such file. wvunpack.exe -ss reports that both embedded pictures are marked as "Cover Art (Front)" And there is problem with extracting these pictures using official WavPack tool (wvtag.exe): it is not possible to extract second picture until first picture is removed.
WavPack developer said that this behavior of Mp3tag is wrong - Differences in writing embedded pictures between mp3tag and foobar2000
I have not tested if this behavior is presented for other formats that use APEv2.

Thanks for pointing, I wasn't aware of any other cover types than front and back written to APEv2 tags.

As David noted in the linked topic on HA, only Cover Art (Front) and Cover Art (Back) are names everybody seems to agree on. As you've noticed, foobar2000 also writes the artist image but names the field Artist Picture. Mp3tag uses Cover Art (Front) as a fallback to all cover types.

I'll check if I can also support the other cover types. Ideally, they'd all follow a similar naming scheme, i.e., Cover Art (Artist), Cover Art (Media), ... However, already these two examples are incompatible with foobar2000's implementation which uses Artist Picture and Cover Art (Disc).

I've added support for cover types other than Front and Back for APEv2 with Mp3tag v3.10a. I've added support for reading the fb2k-specific fields but decided to write in a consistent naming scheme using Cover Art (type).

I've already talked to Peter about that and he will add support for reading Cover Art (Artist) from APEv2 in an upcoming version of foobar2000.

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Thanks Florian for the fast turn around! It's unfortunate that universal keys were never hashed out for APETAGs...

My biggest concern in this case was that mp3tag seemed to be inserting two tags with the same key, which is definitely not allowed in the specs. If you haven't already, it might be a good idea to make sure that mp3tag can't do that, regardless of the key.

Thanks again for your continued support for WavPack format over the years!

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Thank you David! Happy to read your feedback and thanks for pointing out the duplicate keys issue. I've just released Mp3tag v3.10b which now prevents those collisions.

Previously, It was still possible to create duplicate keys for cover art, by saving multiple covers of the same type to the file.

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