Inventing and assigning new "Genre" values possible?

Assume I invent a new "Genre" e.g. "foobar".
As far as I can see this Genre is accepted by MP3tag and entered into ID3v2.3 header.

But is this persistent?

Can this new Genre read by other audio players/tools or do they show "unknown genre" or similar?

Or is what is shown in Genre column just a human readable label for numeric encoded limited number of pre-defined genres?

See here how to add non-standard genres:

Programs that follow the ID3V2 standard should show the genres as found in the files.
Programs that can only deal with ID3V1 tags are limited to the standard genres.

This was true for Genres entered in ID3v1 tag format. A fixed list with 80 entries (from 0 = Blues to 79 = Hard Rock was defined, later some more Genre has been added from 80 = Folk to 125 = Dance Hall).

Currently, using ID3v2 tag format, you can use as Genre whatever you like. It is just a free-form text.

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