Is is possible to have mp3tag do a "walk"?

Every track in a directory has a unique refid that is tied to a DB containing per song metadata. I figured out how to do issue a no-confirm command (unchecked "show message after save" and issued the appropriate key strokes [two enter keystrokes]) and would like to perform a "walk" down the list. Can mp3tag do this or can direct me another forum post here or elsewhere where a 3P program, say autohotkey or something, can do the trick?

EDIT: Here's a quick autohotkey script that does the trick, but it is an infinite loop and the break key isn't responsive. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

EDIT 2: I removed the infinite loop and replaced it with a prompt asking the number of tracks which to run the script. It should be number larger than the number of tracks on the album.

    BreakLoop = 1

#IfWinActive ahk_exe Mp3tag.exe; for &A music source#&1 &Song Info.src
InputBox, times, Number of tracks (more than on album)
    if (times > 0); test if it is a number
        Loop % times
            if (BreakLoop = 1)
            Send !s; alt+s to bring up tag sources menu
            Send a; Select &A music source
            Send s; Select &Song Info
            Send {Enter}
            Send {Enter}
            Sleep 1000; Pause for server lookup
            Send {Down}; Next file
        }    return

Video of the autohotkey in action:

I think that some mouse drivers have an auto-scroll function when you press the mouse wheel.


Does not really help.
Perhaps you have a look at your description and explain it again if the answers are not what you expected.

For me a "walk" looks a lot like scrolling through the data. That is why I gave that answer.

Selecting the next file (i.e., "walk") can be done via the [Ctrl+N] keyboard shortcut (or via Edit > Select next file).

By the way, you can disable the notification message after saving tags at Options > Messages.

Kind regards
– Florian

I guess I should've been clearer since a "walk" AFAIK typically means a command/task will be executed on each item on a list.

Here, the "list" is the tracklist in mp3tag's main window and the task to be executed on each track in sequential order is a websource script querying a unique SONG_ID associated for each track. So, I cannot select-all and run the websource script because the results will only reflect that of what mp3tag queries from the first track on the list.

I forgot that I asked a similar question last year (in greater detail) at a time I was coming to grips with mp3tag's scripting language: Any way for 1) batch and/or 2) no-confirm running of a websource?

Your reply back then, even if it was honest, wasn't too helpful and I gave up and found a way to tie keystroke sequences to mouse gestures. Unfortunately, I still had to manually press the down arrow to process the next track. It was fine for a single artist album, but I balked at doing it for large box sets (>100 songs each). The autohotkey idea came from troubleshooting someone's issue in another forum and I decided to try it out and it appears to have worked.

Hi Florian,

That's good to know. You are correct that confirmation messages can be disabled under settings (I found the information here via google). I didn't know about the CTRL+N shortcut. Thankfully, the 3P programs I used support sending [down arrow] keystroke inputs to mp3tag.

I had a problem delaying the [down arrow] keystroke when assigning a keystroke sequence to run a web source script via a mouse gesture (strokeit). The [down arrow] input when the sequence is executed is washed out since the metadata lookup takes a second or two. StrokeIt's documentation doesn't say if certain keystrokes can be delayed.

However, this is not a StrokeIt support forum and thankfully I found out just the other day that Autohotkey does support delays between strokes (see the 1st post). As you probably guessed by now, I believe I answered my own question with the help of Autohotkey. I just wanted to share the autohotkey hotkey I wrote in case somebody else finds it useful.

For example, someone might use it to call a websource run through the tracklist to obtain per track moods and other song-specific metadata as the hotkey works its way down the entire tracklist.


Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for functions:

I've seen that page before and referred to it numerous times but I never looked for a short-cut for next file because the programs I used supported sending a down_arrow keystroke to a running instance of mp3tag. Still, it wouldn't hurt to try it.

Anyways, FWIW, here's my autohotkey "walk" down a list of files adding per track mood data and reviews: