Is it possible to append Extra info to the title of each song in an album at once?

Is it possible to append Extra info to the title of each song in an album at once?

I.E. if I want to add: [Live: In Tokyo]
or: [Demo]
or [Studio Acoustic], Etc
to the end of every song title of a specific album, easily
is that possible?

also is it possible to replace that same info with with something else

like Changing: [Tokyo Love]
to: [Live: Tokyo]

In trying to fix my Music Collecting, I want it to be consistent. so changes like that will be common, and doing it one track at a time, is taking way way way too long.


To append text to tags see this FAQ entry.

Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: %title% yourcustomtext

For the actual text you want to append, is it in an existing tag or just something in your head at the time? If the former then you could format the title using the custom tag itself, if the latter then instead of creating a saved Action use 'Actions (quick)' for one-time use per album.

For changing the custom text in the titles use the Replace entry in the Actions drop-down selection:

Action type: Replace
Field: TITLE
Original: [Tokyo Love]
Replace with: [Live: Tokyo]

I tag all my collection with custom tags, such as ReleaseType, Live, etc, which makes filtering in programs such as foobar2000 much easier. Adding custom tags would make this process a lot simpler in the future for changes and automation.

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That is easier than one at a time. Though still a few steps per album. I'm try it though.

For the most part I'm using musicbrainz to tag my music. Well for what it can find. Many they apparently for have.. Which is one of the reasons I got mp3tag. If I have to manually add tags. I'd assume it's much better at it. Also i read it can check discogs fit data? So maybe it can find some of those albums/tracks as well.

The other issue with musicbrainz is it doesn't allow you to pull data from the original tags or filename to add to your current tags. That also drove me to mp3tag.

anyhow the additional info is so i can easily find tracks in any media player. A great example is if I want to find seek Ave destroy, currently like 20 songs pull up and most only say Metallica - seek & destroy. So by adding the additional info. I can find what I want. When I want. But thank you fit your help I'll try it out and see how it works.

You can add new text to a tag-field this way ...
... example ...

Action "Format value" Field: TITLE Formatstring: 'New text here' ... or ... Formatstring: %TITLE%' with appended new text' ... or ... Formatstring: 'New text before old text 'TITLE% ... or ... Formatstring: %TITLE%' some text - '%TRACK%' - other text ('%INFO%')'

In Mp3tag the square bracket clambs have a special function, ...
... example ...

['any text '%INFO%' any other text']

the square brackets enclose optional text, ...
which is only used, when the enclosed tag-field does exist.

To display a square bracket clamb itself, ...
the special functionality of the square brackets must be derated, ...
by enclosing the square brackets with single apostrophes ...
... example ....

'[any text enclosed in square brackets]'

... or ...

'['any text enclosed in square brackets']'

You can preview and check the behaviour of a formatstring in the dialog "Convert Tag - Tag" ...
... example ...

Convert "Tag - Tag" Field: TEST Formatstring: '[any text enclosed in square brackets]' ... will show the text ...

[any text enclosed in square brackets]

... but ...

Formatstring: [any text enclosed in square brackets]

... will show nothing ...

Action "Format value" Field: TITLE Formatstring: $replace(%TITLE%,'[Tokyo Love]','[Live: Tokyo]')

... or use Action "Replace" ...

Action #1

Actiontype 2: Replace
Field ______: TITLE
Original ___: [Tokyo Love]
Replace with: [Live: Tokyo]

[_] Only as whole word [_] Case sensitive comparison

... or use Action "Replace using Regular Expression" ...

Action #1

Actiontype 4: Replace with regular expression
Field ______________: TITLE
Regular expression _: ^(.+?)[(Tokyo).+?]$
Replace matches with: $1[Live: $2]

[_] Case sensitive comparison

Reading through the Mp3tag forum will also give new insights and a bunch of helpful examples.


Had totally forgotten about this :blush: Detlev with that helpful wisdom.

Apostrophical escaping of square brackets is needed in Formatstrings, ...
e. g. in the Action "Format value" or in the function $replace, ...
but not in the input dialog field of the Action "Replace".


Ok. Thank you but what if the title has an apostrophe in it? Like:
[Live: War Pigs '72]?

'['Live: War Pigs ''72']' '[Live: War Pigs ''''72]'

See Mp3tag help manual ...
"Scripting functions, Characters with special functionality".


This should work like this?
Because it didn't work for me.

Yes, it's supposed to work like this (except for the 3rd format string, where a % is missing before TITLE).

Can you describe what you're trying to do — with a concrete description, it's much easier to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

Hello Florian! Master of Masters.

What I'm trying to do is add a text at the end of each album. For example %album% [hello]
Or whatever I want to add...

When I try to do the above, nothing happens.
Also try this

but it only works if I don't put the[]

You have to use

Great! works!

Thank you very much!