Is there a character limit on Columns?

When I look at long fields in my columns in Mp3Tag, I see a "..." at the end of the field, but when I click on the field the rest of the tag will appear. So, the information is there, but it seems as if Mp3Tag has a limit on the amount of characters it will display in the column for that field. It seems odd that would be the case.

Please let me know if you think you know what is going on.

On a side note, I have searched and I am wondering if there is a limit to the amount of characters in a field. I seem to remember that m4a uses atoms that are limited to 255 characters to store its tags, but I am not sure if that is the case across all platforms and formats.

Is 255 the limit for characters in a field?

I'm not aware of that limit. Can you post a screenshot where you've expanded the column width to fit more text, but the list still shows the ellipses?

Hey Florian! I hope all is well with you.

Will do

The field right above the one I am highlighting has the same information. As you can see after "Madera, Jose /" there is a "..."

In the highlighted field you see that the information is still there. If I did not click on that field it would look exactly as the one above with a "..."

Any help would be appreciated.

Well, I do not think I have ever experienced such a limitation

But there is this old similar limitation for content of the code of an Action

to which back then I was proposing adding a simple indicator in form of ...

I am waiting to hear back from Florian. I submitted the configuration file to him so hopefully he will figure out what is up.

This is a very common phenomenon in software development which helps adapt to display limitations and limit side-to-side scrolling. Field width and data width are two different things. Enough of the field of data is displayed to provide a hint while allowing more columns to show, and making it possible to see the complete field contents if you want to, often by simply hovering over the field or clicking and moving the cursor through the data.

There are several bad things about trying to force too much into into a field. And especially there are bad things about using what are called 'special characters' if you ever want to export your data to other software (slash, backslash, single quote, double quote, etc). Software such as database systems use various 'character sets' which assign functionality to charters for formatting purposes. A simple example is the CSV (comma separated values) format often used for moving data between applications. Data that contains commas can drive you insane with formatting efforts.

Thanks for the explanation skeleton. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the configuration file. I was able to reproduce the issue and there seems to be a limit enforced by the system which is 260 characters here.

Mp3tag detects this limit and displays "..." at the end to indicate that not the full text is shown in this column field.

Thanks Florian! It's good to know that Mp3Tag still maintains the information despite this limitation. It actually also helps to see where you are reaching that limitation.

Your support is appreciated, that is why I try to donate every couple of releases. Not looking for a pat in the back, just hoping to encourage others to do the same.

Let me know if that configuration file may shed some light concerning my lagging horizontal or vertical scrolling issue, which I have written about here: Horizonal Scrolling lags and is buggy

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